Sports Consultancy Group from A to Z

Who We Are

NamScore Sports Consultancy Pty Ltd based in Namibia capital Windhoek here with referred as NamScore, a subsidiary of SCORE Sports Consultancy Group [SSCG] which is a dedicated International Sport Development and Marketing Consulting firm based in Cairo, Egypt with many affiliates in the Middle Eastern countries and Africa: [Egypt]; [Namibia] and [Zimbabwe].

NamScore Sports Consultancy Pty Ltd prides itself as one of the leaders in Sports excellence development and program delivery. NamScore administers sports and provide strategic direction to the national sports industry stakeholders ranging from sponsoring sports organisations to National Sporting Federations / Association[s] leadership:

▪ At NamScore, we believe in the power of sport, we believe that sport has the potential to achieve a wide range of objectives for sports governing body and Sponsoring sports organisations;

▪ NamScore is about connecting business and creating opportunities, our experienced consultants assist in identifying and leveraging the right opportunities in sport that are fundamental to education, events, performance, communication through sports – sports marketing; sports development; active participation and facilities;

▪ NamScore is the leading provider of Consulting, Valuation, Measurement, Research and Sports Industry Stakeholders Training.

Since inception, NamScore has considered itself as an equal and vital member of the sports family in Namibia and takes seriously its responsibilities with respect to the vision of the Namibia’s sport governing bodies, to enrich and promote the values of sport and increasing active participation.

What We Do

Namscore delivers first class services in different sports as Football from grass roots to elite performance. We have legal documentation according to the Namibia legislation as well as ensuring all programs are delivered by professional coaches and operated in a safe and fun environment.
We advise organizations in strategic planning, operational plans and implementation, develop control & monitoring systems to ensure project objectives are met. Our team combines broad sectorial experience: City Bidding, sport organizational.
We understand the successful planning, organization, execution and control of sports programs requires a balance of business management, technical expertise and successful local implementation. We support  recruitment and training of staff, in addition to on-going programming support.
We offer professional sports event services to plan and manage A to Z, including bidding, a range of sports events from leagues, tournaments and team building to medium and large corporate events and schools championships.
Namscore engages brands and properties with consumers developing different commercial strategies. At the same time we advise and manage sponsorship negotiation and activation. We inform our clients with valuation and measurement of impact tools to ensure revenue is maximized.
We resource on our international network of professionals, professors, institutes and Universities support the sport professionals and all types of organizations in a different range of programs and certifications related to sport and education to implement successful talent development plans.
Performance Analysis provides the athletes & coaches with objective information that helps them understand performance. This process is underpinned by systematic observation, which provides reliable and detailed information relating to performance. Performance Analysis can help enhance the coaching process by providing statistical and video information.

The Namscore Performance Analysis partner (KoraStats) go beyond the traditional methods of analysing video; using advanced performance analysis artificial intelligence, athletes and coaches will have a greater understanding of performance, allowing them make better decisions about their training and interventions.

Namscore offers Social Media Training for Sports governing bodies Coaches and athletes. Businesses that get involved through sponsorships and social media promotions, meanwhile, benefit from increased brand affinity and loyalty. Sports clubs and businesses are only beginning to appreciate the potential that this offers.
We provide resources to support sports governing bodies and individuals interested in preparing bids for major sport events.

Building a successful strategy for sports event bidding requires intellectual rigor to be applied at every stage of the process and that every element of the emerging blueprint is related to the fundamental objectives behind the bid.

Namscore is capable of helping sports governing bodies to identify the latest advances in testing, focusing on long-term, research-based solutions to deter and detect the usage of performance-enhancing drugs.

Namscore will be able to offer educational programs to sports governing bodies and athletes to be better able to:

> Learn the significance of science in detecting and deterring the use of performance-enhancing drugs

> Identify and understand the methods currently employed for drug testing athletes

> Identify future strategies to enhance current drug testing approaches



Cairo, Egypt


Windhoek, Namibia

Harare, Zimbabwe